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Owning a Pseudoceros Worm?

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I’ve been digging around on google but couldn’t find anything about owning larger flatworms. Most people just want to get rid of the little pests they get with new rocks or coral, but I love how they swim and want to know if it’s feasible to either catch or buy a few like the one pictured below.




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Over the years I've seen some members over on reefcentral keep large flatworms which came in via live rock or big coral colonies for a short period of time in pest tanks or refugiums. They generally don't work out though because a lot of those flatworms feed specifically on things like tunicates and sponges, which are typically not easy to keep/cultivate/propagate in aquariums.


There are some things that just belong in the ocean and have no place in the aquarium hobby, and in my opinion, flatworms are one of those.

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