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Pico Reef AIO lifegard 4.14

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I Pretty much copied my file from the other site and added my progress

I purchased Lifegard aquatics 4.14g last week
Items used:

*CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Aquarium Sand
*CaribSea Life rock (dry rock)
*1lbs of live rock (life rock is not enough)
*Carbon balls that included in the aquarium package
*filter floss
*Sicce Micra plus 158gph(upgrade from stock Lifegard 108pgh)
*25w water heater
*Dr tims one and only



I'm in my 4th week of cycling already so far my parameters are pretty good with the reading of

Ammonia: 0.25
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: hard to tell but between 5-10ppm

also added this week a Lid from Kraken Reef and Copepods from Fish Dude.


I thinking of Zoanthids dominate tank.

in terms of fish either put my ORA mandarin(frozen food eater) or my Yasha Goby pair with candy cane pistol shrimp.

all of them are in my Quarantine Tank.


I'm coming from a failed 30g long. i almost quit before getting really into hobby(lacked of knowledge) but ill gonna try 1 more time with

this Pico tank set-up hopefully ill be more Carefull and successful with this.


ill be posting my Updates, Upgrades and Progress.




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Welcome to NR. Every thing looks nice. Good luck with your new tank.

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Got a couple of questions


i do want to switch my water to Red Sea Blue bucke with the reason i want to put somekind of digitata in future. 

* whas the right way to do it? (I’ll be getting my ro/di at my LFS, that is monitoring his water very closely)

* how can i maintain my parameters right?

*how soon i should do it? Since i know sps corals wants the right elements on the tank. 

*and is it also advisable with a tank small like this? 

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