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Shrimp Compatibility & Sequence of Additions


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Hi all,


I'm currently cycling an IM 25g lagoon, which will end up being a semi-planted invert-heavy tank. Outside of hermits, emerald crabs, etc., the stocking list is below. I'm trying to set this tank up best for success, and want to better understand when to add what, and specifically, now the shrimp will play.


My plans for shrimp are:

- 1x Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
- 3x Peppermint or Camelback shrimp
- 2x Sexy Shrimp

- 1x Fire Shrimp (Extra Small)


I was most nervous about the skunk and fire not getting along in the tight quarters, but I've also been told that those 2 probably aren't the issue, but the peppermint might actually be. Would camelbacks be better to swap in for peppermints, or does it not matter? Can you all please help me better understand how this would play out, and when to add what to maximize shrimp? The tank isn't loaded with rock, but probably has 20 lbs in the DT. I can scratch one species off the list if needed, but this tank is (almost) invert-only, so the more shrimp species, the better.


Other livestock planned is below:


- 2x Red Mangrove XL (shipped with roots & leaves)
- 2x Shaving brush
- 2x Christmas Tree


- 2x Emerald Crabs
- 2x Pom Pom Crabs

- 2x Porcelain Crabs
- 1x Tuxedo Urchin
- 1x Brittle Sea Star
- If I can find them: 1x Pitho Crab & Squat lobster
- 3x Damsels - thinking Azure or Yellowtail


If you could help me put them in order or understand any sequential needs, that would be great.



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Camelbacks are extremely not reef-safe, if that's relevant. 


It might depend to some extent on which species of peppermint shrimp you get. Which are you looking at? 


Your pom-poms might fight, as might your emeralds, and your porcelains will probably spar over hosting spots if they're the anemone porcelain kind. Anemone porcelains do best with something to host. You can put green porcelain and anemone porcelains in the same tank, they should ignore each other.

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