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Summary of planted options?

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Hi all,


I know there are pages and pages of details on planted aquariums on this portion of the forum, but I was hoping someone may be kind enough to help me narrow my focus without reading everything out there.


I'm looking to set up a low-maintenance / low-cost lagoon, and was thinking about putting in some sprouted mangroves (with roots and leaves already) as well as some mermaids brushes or other marine plants in the back of the display (with the front of display being open for fish swimming). Lighting is planned to be low wattage, either a Mars Aqua or gooseneck with a E27 base bulb (open to suggestions). Not looking to invest in CO2 dosing, $100+ light kits etc.


Are there any low light / low maintenance marine plants that could be used for this tank? Not looking for any macro that will be spreading uncontrollably all around my tank. 


I understand this is a noob post, and I'm sorry. If the answer is "no", I'll just shift gears on the planted portion of this tank, but figured I'd ask what my options for greenery may be.



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