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Modifying AIO tank

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Currently I have a water box cube 10 , I ordered the peninsula mini 15 as I got a little more room and I like the footprint of the tank. 
I wanted to have a sump as I’m not a huge fan of the AIO tanks , they are functional but I would like a cleaner look with more water capacity and better options in equipment. I cant find a rimless tank with the foot print I want though  so mini 15 it is.

my question is in the future I would like to remove the baffles and turn it into a regular tank and drill it and turn the cube 10 into a sump, is it possible to remove the baffles and get it cleaned up?

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Removing the AIO section will just be a matter of stripping the silicone, but I assume you plan to drill the main tank to install an overflow and return. In which case you’ll want to find out if the glass they use is tempered or not. If it’s tempered glass, drilling holes in it will shatter the panels. 

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