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I think apples to apples is difficult here. I’ve had every type of FW and SW tanks of all sizes. IME everything high-tech becomes beautiful but the balance between constant maintenance and enjoyment is hard to hit right. I get burnt out. And So much depends on the species we choose.


For FW, I love large African cichlid tanks with some boulders, sand, and a few anubias. I love that the fish stand out most, that they are hardy, and that maintenance is minimal. For me, high satisfaction with low input. 

For SW, I love 40 gallon or less nano mixed reefs. I’m partial to a pair of clowns and a goby, but for me the corals are the highlight. I enjoy the challenge of tinkering until the parameters and environment are right, but it takes more focus than my preferred FW tank.


I love both but for different reasons. 


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