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? on colt coral


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I got this colt coral in Oct.  The lights in  my hood went defective and by the end of Nov I lost a few coral and knew something was wrong.  It took a bit to realize it was my hood and I lost a few more coral.  When I got my new hood, everything reacted well, except this coral. 


I have it high on my rock and I'm wondering if I should move it down, or let it try to acclimate to the new lights.  It has been out since the new hood, but lately it has been closed.


Here is a pic of it in Oct, and one from today.



coltcoral 2.26.21.JPG

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It looks like it is trying to detach from the plug, so I am going to move it down.  I glued it in there though and the only way I can think to get it free is with a screw driver.  I'm don't want to go plunging my screwdriver into my tank w/o cleaning it. 


How is the best way to clean it?  The rock it's on is my main rock and has 3 RFA on it, so I can't take it out.,


Any help is gratly appreciated!!

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