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Mystery Hitchhikers


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We have a few hitchhikers coming in off a new mushroom rock and GSP frag we were hoping to get some help identifying them so we know if they need to be banished. Lol




1. On the GSP there is a tiny blue tinted mystery dude just to the right of the purple patch on the frag plug.


2. And the underside of our snail. (Pretty sure he's a bad guy?)





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The GSP dude is an asterina star. Some species will eat zoas, some species will only eat corals if starving. 


The snail could be a collonista. Look up what a collonista looks like. They're a harmless little algae-eater. A picture of the top would be better to ID it.

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It looks like a collonista from that angle, too. At least to me. Collonistas get to about the size of a BB, with the occasional goliath slightly larger. They breed in aquaria, and don't tend to do anything one way or the other. They won't eat anything you don't want eaten, but because they're so small, they don't have much cleaning benefit. I think they're cute, I like seeing them now and then. They tend to come out more at night. 

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