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On 2/17/2023 at 10:50 PM, Pjanssen said:

is it still the RedSea tank, just swapped out all of the equipment?

It's the original Clearseal tank (UK Birmingham brand). Yeah I'm swapping out the UK DD (dumb) equipment for Polish Reef Factory (Smart reef) kit. 


I guess it's akin to the Neptune stuff... But as it's across here in UK... More expensive...



Because my tank gets fed so much I've taken the plunge and gone for a few Lyretail Anthias to replace the massive 4 inch 6 line... Amazing addition to the tank and work well with the now 3 chromis...(started with 9 lol)


So now stocking: 

Scopas tang

Royal Gramma

3 green chromis

3 Lyretail Anthias

2 clowns 


So.still light stocking compared to a lot of people with 90+ gal but the way I see it.... The fish need space..... 

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And here we are, the story is complete.


ignore the -4.69 on the kH keeper, it was straight after calibration so had to run it a couple times to get a stable reading. 




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First couple days output from the KH keeper. 


It seems to hover around 9.6 - 10.3, I've decided not to link the doser actions rather manually dose Ca, KH and Mg. I used the doser for Nitrate and Phosphate (Zlements NitroPlus and PhosPlus) as I've always had a trouble keeping these in a decent range off 2.5/5ppm N03 and 0.05ppm PO4.    


This morning I've set the low alerts to 9.5 and hight to 10.5 as I battered by alerts on my phone last night for having a KH in the range of 9.6...


You'll see some retests and manuals in the list below. It will retest when there is a jump of over 0.1 (I think it is) and the manual tests are just me messing with a new toy. 


Look forward to seeing a week's worth of data:


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  • Murphs_Reef changed the title to murphs_reef 92gallon mixed reef

Finally remembered I had a bio block in the sump behind the socks and heater.. removed it this morning. Always struggled to keep nitrate up... That's not helping me out here. 

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