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Hmm long time since I updated.. aiptasia is here in a big way, electric prices are well on the up and look back over this year makes it difficult to want to continue... I've almost pulled the trigger a few times this year but now I think I'm letting the tank wind down... 


My last water test was in June!! Coral and fish are happy but generally this year, my head hasn't been with the tank... Funny as I've had a tank in my house most of my life.  


Will see how we get on and not going to make any quick decisions... 

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Be pretty sad to see you leave the hobby man but you won't be the only one I know quitting over rising costs, far from it. Cost of living in the UK is doing big damage to the aquarium hobby and marine is being hit the hardest. After what Brexit and COVID have done to imports it will have to change pretty radically to survive I should think, as an industry and on the basis of the individual. 


That said if you want any help rehoming fish, corals or equipment I'd be happy to help where I can - either taking myself or finding people through work who'd be interested in any of it. 

But really, I think I and everyone else on nano reef would prefer you not to go. How about downsizing to another nano?

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Well in a mini turn of events.. I aips x'ed due to nothing other than boredom..  and cleaned the glass .... Last water testing?? JUNE 26TH.  Since such time, cyano has gone, Monti has started growing again and doing well... 


Moral of the Story?

Chill out and stop dosing? Not sure...


Tank is full of empty snail shells and a cleaner Wrasse that's been in the sump 3 months.. other than missed chores.... Sweet....


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41 minutes ago, Pjanssen said:

Is that  normal lifespan?

It's not that atypical, but still a little short.  However, who knows how old it was when it was collected.  They tend to live 3 to 5 years in a large tank, with a well established sand bed, filled with lots of life (as they feed on life in the sand).

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As it turns out, the little guy seems ok now. I've not done any water tests for so long, I will have to steal some time to see what's going on there with the parameters, maybe there is something at play there. 

But for now everything seems fine.. it did look like legs where disintegrating but on a closer inspection it's all good. 

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I'm giving away a evo, it all works as is complete, stock light, can't remember the heater, Sicce 1.0 pump.. just needs coralline clearing off.. in fact I have loads of rock, and various chemicals, AI Nero 3 as well.. just need to pay for postage in UK.. @Ratvan @InAtTheDeepEnd might have some interest? 


not giving up on the hobby, just don't want all this stuff to end up broken an in the bin ..  it's all in the shed so not going to be long before it gets ####ed...  PXL_20220910_130338022.thumb.jpg.a5f7260dcba810eb095e5c8fdaa15ac9.jpg

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On 9/12/2022 at 7:35 PM, InAtTheDeepEnd said:

Yes please if can pay after this Friday for delivery sometime next week!

Nice one I will arrange at the weekend with you. 


Think @Ratvan is interested in the Nero but I have other jecod pumps in a box all in good order. 

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I'm back! Finally... And still owe those tank bits out... Will sort that out next.. 


For now Jimmy is still going strong, thought he was on his way out but nope... Year and a half deep.



Pixel 7pro, D-D mobile camera lens, no other filtering:





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42 minutes ago, InAtTheDeepEnd said:

pretty pretty - nice to see you back!!

Thanks - yeah lost my reefing way a little bit. 

I still have all the bits and tanks I was going to send you and ratvan before I feel down a hole... 


Will have to dig it all out and take some pictures.. I'll have 3 AI Prime 16HDs soon as I'm looking.at new lights. 

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