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I bought 2 astrea snails today and both were on the glass, doing nothing.....they have been in there now for 5 hours. So I took 1 off the glass to see if it would do anything on the gravel and it is still just sitting there with just a little white part of it jutting out of its shell.


Can anyone tell me what to do about these snails..


nitrates 25


nitrites 0


ammonia 0


salinity 1.022-1.023


Ph 8.4

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Astreas aren't the best snails because they tend to die easy and not clean very well. They die if they flipped over or anything. Turbo snails are much better to eat algae off the glass and rock IMO.

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I've had some too and they sat there for 2 days not doing anything. Then they started to work but my turbo snails are alot better and faster.

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All snails need to rest, turbo snails, astea snails, margarita snails: once they flip over and you dont help them they usually die. Nassarius snails can flip back over them selves...

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