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Aquamaxx hob 1.5 Protein Skimmer on BioCube 32

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New to Nano-Reef. I wanted to post a few pics of my new protein skimmer. I removed the lid, added a AI Prime 16HD light and went with the Aquamaxx hob 1.5 skimmer. It does a thorough job and I am very pleased with it. I doubts about removing the lid but am happy with the results. I had to add the screen mesh lid from thekrakenreef.com to keep my new goby from jumping out the tank.




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I'm hoping to add another skimmer after my tank completes the process of cycling however am inexperienced with mainstream frameworks and hardware and the upkeep presently, yet I'm more than able to do the exploration and make an inquiry or two. Anybody have any proposals? Nothing to favor ideally, simply something that can fit in the Biocube 32's first chamber and is really effective (I've heard some suspicion on the Biocubes Skimmers which is the reason I'm searching for something more ideal). Much obliged! vidmate snapture


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Thanks for posting this to show it is possible. 

It looks like you have the inlet pipe in chamber 1 and the outlet pipe in the middle chamber. Could both pipes fit in chamber one or do you have to split them this way due to space constraints?

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