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Equipment for RSR XL 200

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Been reefing since 2000. Had to take a 2 year break and now about to pull the trigger on a Red Sea xl200. (24” x 22.6” x 21)

Hoping to receive some feedback on my equipment choices. Tank will be mixed reef. 

1) for lighting should I go with kessil 360x or radionxr15? (In the past I used kessil)

2) which skimmer is best for this size tank?

3) for water movement two Nero 5 or two mp40?

4) should I go with dosing 2 parts or kalk with reactor? 

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I just bought my full setup over the weekend after a few weeks of though in the equipment- here is what I got so far. 


XR15 PRO with RMS mount

Varios2 Return 

Octo Essenes 130 Skimmer

ATO- currently OEM... XP Aqua Duetto on order : OEM ATO setup will most likely turn into the main Fuge 

Hanna Checkers for all major testing, including PH, and Salinity (only way to go). 

Amazon lithium ion rechargeable LED lights in cabinet. 

AquaTop 300W heater with controller

1- MP 10 - will be getting another once I have the demand  for more flow via the need for greater nutrient export from SPS- will be ordering a 3D propeller cover for greater dispersement  of flow and fish protection.


Dosing pumps are TBD, but I will most likely go with the Kamoer X4 Pro WiFi - the plan is to use this in the beginning as an AWC System, pulling roughly 4000ML/Day split into two i.e. 9am/3pm.  Total ~1gal each day of water export and import (total 2gal).  I will test my perimeters to see how balanced my primary elements are holding up, and if need be, hope to only use a one part dose of     All-For-Reef


Cycling- one Bio Brick Xport, soaked 24 hours in MicroBacter7 (250ml) - dropped in the sump under the filer bag area (front right) - nothing else to kickstart, just going to monitor my levels for 2-3 weeks. 


BRS Rox Carbon (I will apply after the cycle)- might move into a carbon reactor. 

Fritz RPM Blue salt

40lbs Fiji Pink sand 


Scape Style - NSA/Floating shelf reef. 

15lbs Marco Rock 

10lbs Marco Shelf

3 Marco Base rocks


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