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the salty puddle

M. Tournesol

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My new stylophora that I receive today will surely die... the acclimatization had some problem. The heater of the acclimatization container didn't stop after reaching 25°C during the coral dipping. It reached 26,7°C before I notice it. This seems to have triggered a bacterial infection and a RTN event 😬. I hope it will not affect the other coral.


I moved him to the 9to5 cubicle... I give him a 2% chance to survive. The seriatopora seems damaged but recoverable. The pavona cactus seems Ok.  


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Correct/change seriatopora to stylophora
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M. Tournesol

A very late update, the new stylophora is slowly recuperating but my seriatopora are all dying or stagnating. Even my bird of paradise that was doing so good is dying 🥲
This may be due to my KH/Calcium ratio (8.3 Kh | 365 Calcium) or the flow of this godforsaken shallow tank. The upgrade of this tank to a 40cm or 50cm cube (3~6 months) will be a benediction followed by a rebuy of a lot of seriatopora ☹️.



As you can see, (if we don't consider schrodinger) my stylophora, pocillopora and pavona had a good growth spurt.


I would rate this nano as "disappointing" 😅.

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Minimal UPDATE:

(Sorry for the quality of the photos. I can't bother to clean the glass.)


The four dead man.



The "doing great groupe" with a "dying" intruder (clues, just above the snail).



My new fav 🥰



If you want to see some content, go look at my 9to5 journal 😉

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