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How do I clean my return pump if I can't reach it?


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I have a IM 20g all-in-one and I'm currently working on some much needed (and overdue) cleaning and maintenance. I was planning on pulling out the powerhead today to give it a good vinegar bath and then do the same tomorrow with the return pump. Trying to keep some water movement during this process. After looking at the back chamber where the return pump is though, I noticed that my hand will never be able to fit back there to take it out or reinstall it. With all the hoses and the fact that the chamber is pretty narrow, it will be impossible for anyone who is not a 5 year old to reach the pump. Plus I don't have a 5 year old to help me so that option is out. Can anyone give me any advice on how to remove and reinstall the pump or cleaning it without removing it? 

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10 minutes ago, Kellie in CA said:

I just undo the connection at the top and pull it out by the tube. 

Oh damn, I feel stupid. I honestly didn't think those would come off that easy but now that I look at it closer it's obvious lol. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Those tubes can probably use a good cleaning as well.

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Yes, they will be really dirty, I soak mine with the pump then run hot water through.   Clean them out good or when you turn the pump back on junk will fly out all over your tank. 

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