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Aquatop Recife 24g - First Saltwater Tank

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Hi everyone

This is my first try at a saltwater tank. I have been keeping freshwater for around 6 years now. I have kept a Discus tank, Oscars and other SA cichlids and now I am trying a reef tank! Very pumped and nervous. 

So here where I am currently. the tank has been up running for 1 week.

It is a Aquatop Recipe 24 gallon AIO system. It came with a foam sponge thing in the 1st chamber, some carbon & some ceramic rings, and a cheap-looking skimmer. So far everything is running smoothly, but I'll probably upgrade the skimmer down the road and maybe change out the foam for something else. Just using the lighting that came with for now.


I used Caribsea live sand and just cheap reef starter dry rock from my LFS. I added the 2 Clownfish on the 3rd day and added a bottle of Dr Tim's.

Today's water test showed Ammonia of (I think) .25. It was very close on the color chart.

Nitrates were at 5 PPM.

Temp 79.2

Salinity 36. I know I need to bring that down, but slowly, correct? I do plan on having corals at some point.

I am getting RODI from my LFS. It tested 5 TDS. I know you want ZERO, but I'll have to live with it for now.


I hate the heater in the tank. The cobalt heater I ordered, which will go in the return chamber was delayed in shipping, so I had to use an extra heater I had at home.


I am sure I have made mistakes already and will make many more, but I am open to any and all help/suggestions!





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Welcome to nano reef

looks great so far

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nice start! 

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