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Coral Vue Hydros

Good 30 gal column swimmer?!


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ok guys help me out here. I have a 30 gal tank, and I want one more fish. I have 

2 clowns

1 royal gramma

1 Jawfish 

The Jawfish lives under the sand and doesn’t use water space, mostly because my female clown harasses it somewhat. The royal gramma is the “king of the caves” and doesn’t tolerate anyone else using HIS caves. so my problem is that I want a fish that will stay in the water column and not hide. The royal gramma is out most of the time, hovering by HIS rock and HIS cave and HIS coral, and the clowns run around, but nobody just free swims or really uses all the water space I have.  I understand that most fish want to have a place to call “safe zone” So that’s understood and taken into account with any new fish.  I love pigmy angels, but I’ve red mostly that royal grammas don’t get along with them.  
Also I’m not to fond of banggai cardinal fish. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Good ideas? Experience with fish? 
Lemon peel angles are my absolute favorite, but they aren’t reef safe. Plus my tank is no where near large enough. 

I always see people’s tanks, and they are bursting with fish and activity. Obviously I’m not going to cram fish into my tank, but it seems so empty still and I’m looking for something to fill that gap. 

side note; I will be removing the RG temporarily when I introduce a new fish so that it has time to find an “safe zone.”

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Yellow or six line wrasses are on my 29 gallon interested in list.  Yellow look more peaceful ( and bright yellow ) while six line appear to be more aggressive swimmers. I have always enjoyed watching wrasses swim.


I"m a newbie though.  Just got my first small clownfish over weekend and waiting about a month to add a 2nd.  So others I'm sure are more informed

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How old Is your tank? Filtration? Maintenance schedule? Any other tank mates that take up territory like a coral banded shrimp?


Pygmy angel was my first thought. I had one in a 30 breeder. Was and might still be my fav of any fish I’ve owned. Ol one eye was the coolest.


This article will give you some ideas 


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wrasse, bangaii cardinals. Wrasses add more movement for sure. Bangaii cardinals have a nice shape  (vertical stripes and high fins) and kinda just hang out.  A springers damsel is also an idea, though mine tends to hang in the shadows. 

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I have fallen in love with the orchid dotty back over and over, but I’ve heard they are vicious little guys. I wouldn’t mind that in with my RG to take him down a few notches, but I don’t want another fish harassing my poor Jawfish. Are wrasses pretty mellow? 

tank has a cleaner shrimp already. 

does anyone think that a RG would fight with another basslet like a yellow assessor?

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Six lines are passive, until their not. I'd avoid a six line wrasse, especially with a jawfish and a royal gramma.


Your best bet, if you want a swimmer in the open is a small yellow coris wrasse. A Possum or Pink streak are cool nano wrasses, but possum wrasses aren't strong swimmers if you have lots of flow, and pink streak wrasses are pretty shy, especially when first introduced to the aquarium. 

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