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less aggressive species of clownfish?


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I know clownfish can sometimes be aggressive and bully other fish or even other clowns, especially in a smaller tank. i have one hasn't attacked my firefish yet but just kind of follows it around which keeps driving the firefish back to its hiding spot.  But apparently there's also like 40 different versions of clownfish on liveaquaria. Is there a specific type that's less aggressive than your average clown? 

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One of the reasons that Ocellaris clowns are so popular, is that they are the less aggressive species.  I guess I'm used to my clownfish pair, in my 100 gallon tank, which seem perfectly content when other fish approach them.  It can be different when they feel that they must defend their territory from other fish.  Plus, individual fish often have their own personality traits.


Captive raised specimens are often less aggressive than wild caught fish.

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@seabass I’ve been keeping only percula for awhile now, they’ve been pretty aggressive. They’ve gone after other fish and my female killed her mate of several years. It’d be great if occy clowns are peaceful enough I could have clowns again, do you know how they compare to perculas?

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I believe they are considered less aggressive than Percula clowns.  They also do well without a host anemone.  Sounds like you had a particularly aggressive female.


I sometimes cringe when people claim that less than ten gallons is suitable for an Ocellaris, and a ten gallon tank is suitable for a pair.  However, your 25 gallon tank would probably work out alright.

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i have a 10g with one firefish and one occy. i don't plan on adding more and the fire fish was there first... the occy isn't particulary aggressive... he just kinda always waddles in the direction of the firefish, but it's driving my firefish nuts... maybe it's trying to pair up with the firefish LOL. if i had to get rid of one it would be the occy at this point, since i have a firefish that seems to actually enjoy being out in the open which is know is already super rare. 

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Agree that Ocellaris clowns are probably the least aggressive of the clownfish - at least when it comes to other fish species. 


But like mentioned space is a significant contributor to aggression.    Clownfish, by nature, don't occupy large territories.  Probably a function of their tendency to live in anemones. 


But they do defend that territory!  This is what you're observing.  The clownfish is chasing the firefish out of it's territory.  So as a result the firefish will continue to live in the rock.  Is the firefish getting food?  Once the firefish isn't able to come out for food then you have a problem where it will eventually die.  You could proactively find it a new home though. 

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The Banggai cardinal actually took over the clownfish's nesting spot.  But they seem to get along quite well.  They will occasionally swim together, and I haven't noticed any real aggression.  But if the clownfish are messing around and get too close to her hiding spot (where you she her in the video), she will shake at the clownfish with her tail towards them.  For some reason, this usually backs them off.  But I'm sure momma clownfish could kick some serious ass if she really wanted to.


I think the clownfish were playing with the snail as much as they were evicting it from their area.

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