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White stringy web like plz help identify!


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Hey there fellow reefers!

Don't judge me if I'm not doing this right as this is my first post ever on these forums cuz I don't know what else to do, or where to go to ask with the whole COVID everywhere is closed and a giant hassle. 



My 90G tank has been running for 8 months now it's been cycled I've seeded it with copepods. I currently have 4 snails just cruising around cleaning the walls. There is 80lbs of CaribiSea agraalive sand and one lone rock. In the display I have a sump with filter sock and right after my bubble catcher in my return pump section (I know it's quite small cuz I have an external pump running not my doing came with the set up and was to anxious to wait till I had a new sumo to run it) so I just fires it up. It's done cycling. I'm not to new at reefing I have a 1.5 yr 60 gallon up stairs doing great fish and all but it's running a canister filter so the whole sumo thing is new to me. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks guys.


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Did you buy the rock live ? Could possibly be vermetid snails, but you probably would have noticed them by now if they were hitchhikers, especially after 8 months, search them up and maybe keep an eye out for them.

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king aiptasia

the simplest solutions are usually the most accurate, looks like some bacterial strings, its harmless

youll see the same junk on any water that flows without grazers taking it away

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