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OTF's Waterbox Marine X 90.3

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[Save for Current FTS]


After my SPS 20L died in 2007 from A/C going out while we were on vacation (day time highs were 105F), life was way too hectic to start a new tank back up.  Fast forward 14 years, my wife says to me, "wouldn't a reef tank look good there?".  Like the roadrunner, leaving a little dust cloud behind....I moved quickly before she could change her mind!  So, I'm finally in a place (and with consent!) to build another nice tank, but this time I finally have money (and patience) to do it right...So, welcome to the my new tank build.


Man, how things have changed in 14 years!  When I left...LEDs were just starting to be talked about (people were building DIY set ups, etc.), but anything other than MH/T5 on an SPS tank was heretical. Now, I can't give away my 250w PFO pendant and 14k Phoenix bulbs.  Seems as though the sand vs bare bottom debate has become more civil, with both having their place in the hobby.  Reef Central has been all but replaced with Reef2Reef. The cost of a hammer or frogspawn...WTH?  Yet, somethings never change.....Nano-Reef looks better than ever!  And, the "how many tangs can I kept in my 20ga?" posts are still full of awesomeness!


This time around, I'm thinking of a tank that has something for everyone.  So, a mixed reef with SPS up high...LPS and softies down low...the usual suspects for fish: Clowns, Chromis, Fork-tail Blenny, Gramma Loreta or an Orchid Dotty, Diamond Watchman Goby, etc


With all that said....while I painfully wait (starting week 8 now) for my shipping email...here's what I have so far:



  • Waterbox Marine X 90.3 (DT=65 ga; Sump=25 ga)...fits the space perfectly.
  • Lighting: 2x EcoTech Radion XR15 G5 Blue
  • Return Pump - Jebao DCP-6500 with Neptune Flow Sensor
  • Flow - 2X RedSea Reefwave 25 Gyres
  • Natural Filtration (Skimmer-less...that's right!)
    • ~20lbs Marcorocks Reef Saver
    • ~15lbs Marcorocks Shelf
    • ~15lbs Marcorocks Foundation
    • ~20lbs of "good ol' fiji" (by old I mean from 2007...still had the SPS skeletons on it!)
    • ~50lbs Caribsea special grade (dry)
    • 10lbs Miracle mud in containers in the sump
    • IceCap 20W Algae scrubber
    • Patience - gonna run a LONG cycle on it, so I can stock in late Spring
  • Custom Control Panel housed to the side of the waterbed stand
  • Controller - Neptune APEX EL
  • Heater - 2X Bulk Reef Supply Titanium 300 watt (running alternating 12hr cycles)
  • Dosers - 2x Kamoer X1 pro wifi (for All-for-Reef and ReefEnergy AB+)
  • ATO - Neptune ATK...running from a water station in the basement
  • Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Salt
  • BRS 5-stage RODI (with Booster pump and XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian)
    • Keeping ~30ga of RO/DI and mixed saltwater on hand (basement)
  • AWC - Neptune DOS
  • Auto Feeder - Neptune AFS


Aquascape is pretty much done!  Used BRS thick SuperGlue + Accelerator to start, then Marcos E-450 mortar, and finally covered up the mortar with thin superglue and sand.  Piece on the right is a tri-arch with lots of horizontal space on top.



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Great post!  

Waterboxes are beautiful tanks.

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Reef Reece

Wow, that aquascape looks amazing, look forward to seeing it wet !

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So excited to get this email today!  Been a long 11 weeks...but totally worth it!



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