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Modifying Xaqua INOUT with new loc-line nozzle and ball valve

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I have a 12g Aquamax long running a single drain Xaqua INOUT bulkhead.


it is installed on the side of the tank, meaning the nozzle points lengthwise(36”) of the tank. 



Running into a couple issues. 

1.) one single nozzle running full blast naturally doesn’t distribute flow optimally in. 3ft long 12g. I’ve tried adding a small nano power head, but i don’t want the clutter and would prefer to modify the outflow to provide varying flow. 

2.) mostly feed my fish flake foods daily, but once or twice a week I feed reef foods to the corals and mysis to the fishes — to which I turn off the pump — and when done feeding I turn the pump back on and the water pressure blasting around the tank disturbs the entire tank and splashes a bit if I don’t cover it. 



So - those are the two issues I am trying to resolve. And I want to get feedback on anyone that maybe has this same bulkhead and installed a ball valve on the return(so I can turn off the pump and keep water level the same during feeding.) And as far as the loc-line goes, I need a Y-pipe as I have the return nozzle verrry close the the back glass and there is no clearance. I also think the Xaqua INOUT came with an extra nozzle, so maybe I can keep the nozzle design, but split from one loc-line out to two. 


I also realize that putting a valve in a tank that only has one drain is a risk.. but I’d like to take my chances, however I’d like to mitigate a little risk by buying a larger diameter valve(meaning it will be a little less of a bottle neck for flow, while also being more difficult to clog.)  Maybe I’m missing something here regarding risks, but I can’t think of any reason why a manually controlled “stop” valve is all of a sudden going to greatly increase the risks of overflow, assuming it’s installed properly. 



Any thoughts?





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