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Colorful corals in Dallas TX?

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I live in North Dallas and I find it very hard to find colorful corals in the local stores. Sometimes they might have something a little more interesting but then the price is an arm and a leg.

Any advice or is online only option? The following stores are close to me so any other you can tell me about would be great.

Exotic Aquatics

Aquatic design

Fish Gallery

North Dallas Aquarium (has the best selection but not too many options and expensive)



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I live in downtown Dallas and recently started a reef tank after a few decades in the freshwater planted tank world. 


The best corals and deals come from private individuals. Go to facebook groups and follow Reef Water Dallas, Dallas Reef Connection, and DFW Reef Community. Most members of these groups are from the North Dallas area. I bought a few great pieces from Ashwin of Reef Water Dallas.


There is also the Band app, follow DFW Coral Addicts, which is frequented by The Coral Bandits in Mansfield,TX. Never been there but their pictures look good.





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Agreed. You'll get great prices from people who are kinda just looking to sell or trade some spare frags. You can also order things online, and may be able to find some solid frag packs for sale on Reef2Reef or other big forums. Most corals ship just fine, many of them even doing perfectly well with 2-3 day shipping, so don't be afraid to look for things you can get in the mail. 

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