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After 2 years in college and contracting with the USAF I finally have saved enough to move out into my own apartment which allows aquariums. So I decided to do a low maintenance acan, now reclassified as micromussa, and favia focused tank with a few other corals ranging from lps to sps spread about. 


Tank: Mr. Aqua 12"x12"x12" cube, 7.5gal internal volume

Light: Wavepoint Blade HO, for now, If an upgrade is needed this will change

Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 50

Starting "foundation": Carib Sea Pink fiji sand and dry rock with Seachem quick start dosed for 2 weeks 

Filtration: Aqua Clear 20. Might have to look into a bigger or better HOB filtration system. The biggest issue is space along the back of the tank with a rim mounted light.

Livestock: Currently a single blue Damselfish. This picture was taken the morning before the Diatom explosion. You can see some spots of diatoms beginning to form on the rocks directly below the fish.


I just got a new phone so all of my old photos of the tank when it was initially setup got lost in the transfer. The tank is currently going through the first step of the "Ugly Phase" with a full swing diatom bloom.


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Christopher Marks

Congrats on getting your own place and new nano reef @PieMan2k!

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4 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

Congrats on getting your own place and new nano reef @PieMan2k!

Thanks! I’ve been missing my Acans and coral I gave to my dad before I moved off to college 

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Some new tank info. Went to pickup some hermits and a snail at the LFS and walked away with an SPS coral on Thursday. They told me it was a birds nest bit the branches look too thick to be that. I'm thinking it looks more like a pocillopora to me with the thicker branches and the polyp shape. These pictures were taken about 10 minutes after being in the tank.                       

  Side view with the Turbo Snail: 


Frontal view zoomed in more:1918329849_IMG_00411.thumb.JPG.7617a1538236bf5cfd1b5b61b5bae054.JPG

I also did a 30% water change with before and after photos of the Dinos with after being the most current FTS:


Current FTS:



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