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Butchy21's WaterBox 35.2 AIO

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Hi all,

So I set up a 26 gallon bowfront Nano reef tank about 6.5 years ago, making this tank a cheap reef tank, acquiring various upgrades as I learned more about reefing.  It is still up and running happily, coral growth has been very good but I will be moving in the next few months.  To take advantage of the move... I am going to be upgrading my tank to a waterbox 35.2 AIO!  Overall the bow front has worked out well and I got my money's worth since I picked up the tank and stand for super cheap during grad school.  The waterbox has a total size of 33 gallons with I think ~8 gallons in the rear compartment.


Current 26 gallon tank journal: 


And apparently the bowfront has hit some highlights over the past 6 years!  Super proud to have been nominated for TOTM.


There have been some challenges with that tank though - which is driving me to upgrade to the AIO type system:

1. Tank is rimmed, making it hard to properly place a lot of the equipment - Nanobox gooseneck was not really ideal...

2. Stand is pretty narrow, making it impossible to place a sump / overall storage is pretty low

3. The nature of the tank required me to have a HOB skimmer and HOB refugium, making it difficult to thoroughly clean the tank

4. Curved glass of the bowfront made photography difficult and cleaning off algae a chore

5. So much of the display is taken up by equipment and I have way too many corals at the moment!

6. Not an easy / cheap way to have a nice looking lid

7. Can't properly place an ATO magnet / float as high as I would like on the system


I have not purchased any equipment for the Water box yet but I will be buying a bunch of new stuff, while using some current items as well.


Potential equipment list:

1. Lighting: Reuse my Nanobox duo M - looking to change to a Radion XR15 Blue eventually

2. Skimmer: Tunze 9004 Dc with controller

3. ATO - Tunze 3155 Osmolator

4. Powerheads - will reuse up to (3) Hydor 425gph powerheads

5. In tank media baskets (In tank aquatics) - (1) Run filter floss, chemi pure, GFO, (2) Refugium compartment - have Chaeto actively growing in current tank - considering dropping in a few mangrove plants - Do these need additional light or will direct light from a window be sufficient?

6. Heater / controller - will reuse Cobalt 100W heater with Inkbird controller - may change to BRS titanium heater

7. ATO reservoir - IM Auqa 5 gallon reservoir

8. Sicce silent 1.5 return pump

9. Chaetomax refugium light - I may reuse my Acke grow light if I can mount to the back of the tank with mounting tape.  I am afraid there may be light bleed if the mounting tape doesnt work well though.

10. Dosing pumps - 2 BRS 1.1mL pumps - alkalinity, calcium


Apparently most tank / stand systems are all back ordered, as is a lot of reefing equipment, so who knows when I can get everything.  But hoping to set up the tank end of February!


Waterbox AIO systems:






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Just officially placed the order for the tank and stand!  Unfortunately the LFS said that their last water box order took 8-10 weeks prior to arrival... I'm really hoping I can get the new tank set up in the new apartment for a week or two prior to moving all of the live rock / corals / fish from the 26 gallon bowfront.


If I were to add 10 pounds new sand to the new tank, take a few pounds of the old sand (to bring over some good biofiltration / bacteria) and save all of the live rock - I wouldn't think the new tank would have to cycle at all.

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Did you get the tank yet?

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On 3/14/2021 at 11:45 AM, ramona said:

Did you get the tank yet?

Unfortunately not!  I have been checking with the local reef store often and I am running out of time...

I have to be out of my old apartment by the end of the month and right now the only thing at the old place is my reef tank.  The good thing is that I have all of the new equipment ready for the waterbox arrival.  They said 8-10 weeks for shipment and we are approaching week 8 soon.


I have a Tunze skimmer, a few in-tank caddies, ATO, water reservoir, new refugium light, new surge protector with designated on/off buttons per outlet

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I am looking at the same skimmer for same WB tank. Do you think this Tunze 9004 Dc with controller will fit in the back sump chamber?

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