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Nitrate dosing

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Hi I have a 29 gallon saltwater tank. My nitrate what I tested today was 5.0 for me doing some extra feeding because I had none it was on Zero a week ago. But I bought the neo nitrate. I’m just confused on the dosing I definitely don’t want to overdose what should the proper levels be in my tank? Any feedback helpful thanks

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I like to aim for about 5 and not exceed 10. 10 is where I start thinking about water changes / nitrate remover ..

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I'm Batman

Went through this same thing... 


Directions are wacky but this is the formula:


Keep 3ppm nitrate. (You're at 5 so should be fine?)


Water volume x desired ppm increase x .1261.


If you want 10ppm or a 5ppm increase from your original 5ppm nitrate you'll dose 18ml....


I would never do that... test, dose, test. Get some kinglake pipettes from Amazon. I've never dosed more than 2ml for a 20 gallon. 

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