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2.5 gallon office Pico Reef

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Thanks to Etsy for having obscure things we reefers enjoy! I was able to find a 3D printed 1/4" RFG! Of course I broke it on install and had to super glue it back together, but it works perfectly.


I was able to spend a minute cleaning the tank and used a toothbrush to remove a bit of the algae. Still keeping up with the 2 100% water changes weekly. I did add some Marine Pure Gems in a small filter bag to the back chamber in hopes of adding more bio filtration.

Things are getting better! Stay tuned....



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Tank is looking good. just started cycling mine but not rushing into things have some work travel coming up soon and don't want to worry about anything but cycling while I am gone. Plus my wife wouldn't what to mess with the tank.

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