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anyone ever buy/sell to or from heavensent58


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Heavensent58 wants to buy my ac300 from me, but I don't have a paypal account. I cant get money through them because I don't have a credit card or bank account due to the ex fiance screwing me. Anyways, heavensent58 claims to have been burned before, and does'nt want to send a check or money order. I am wondering if I should send him the ac300 with trust that he'll send cash.

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well, if you don't have an ebay account then it won't protect anyone who purchases from you.But, if you did, it would protect the buyer because you would have to prove to Ebay that you sent the item or they would get the buyer his money back(if you were a guaranteed seller in good standing).

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Originally posted by format32

You need at least 10 positive feedbacks and a good working credit card to do a buy it now.


So he would need that as the buyer? I don't as the seller?

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Blind Tree Frog

This is what escrow services are for. Though if it's too small a sale for the escrow service to be worth while cost wise, perhaps there is a well known member here that you both trust that would be willing to do the service for you?

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Yeah I would just trust...Its not like your getting ripped off hundreds of dollars...........

If he flakes then you can post his real name and address on all the reef boards.

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