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Waterbox AIO tanks - second tank for frag grow out and a few centerpiece corals

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Hi all,

I've been running a 26 gallon bowfront for over 6 years and it is currently wayyyy overstocked with corals large and small!  I need more space... and I'd like to have some redundancy for keeping frags of my corals.


I'm just starting to plan for a second tank purchase to be used for: 1) coral frag grow-outs, 2) half of the real estate will be used for some live rock, a few center piece corals, maybe a RBTA...  Looking for 25-35 gallon size, all-in-one, since I would like it to have a nice clean look.  I will be upgrading the 26 gallon eventually to a 50-75 gallon (maybe Red Sea Reefer 250?) with a sump but this is at least a year from now.


I'm leaning towards a Waterbox 35.2 (33 gallons, 24" x 20" x 17") over the innovative marine lagoon 25 / 30L since I prefer the dimensions and slightly larger volume.  


For those with Waterbox AIO tanks - what are your experiences? Would you buy again / recommend?


Thanks for any advice,


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