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How To Remove Pest Green Algae (All Types) – A Comprehensive Emoji-Guide!

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🙇‍♂️🤏🌿→🤌→ 🗑→🐌


🙇‍♂️Notice the algae

🤏Reach into the tank with your fingers like tweezers

🌿Grab the algae (a tiny amount per grab is usually best)

🤌Pull algae out

🗑Put it in the trash

🐌If you do all of this and algae re-grows, then you don't have enough snails.  Or your don't have herbivores.  Add a small amount (1-3) after the next cleaning and see how it goes for the next few weeks.  (Use the new additions to replace non-herbivores if that's your case.)


Technically you and the snail are on the same cleanup crew, you're just way bigger:


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If you have a big enough tank, I highly recommend adding a submersible gravel vacuum to this process.  Grab algea, release into vacuum intake, repeat.  My arms get much less tired and I splash much less water on the floor compared to when I when I lift my arm out of the tank to throw away every pinch. 

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7 hours ago, mcarroll said:

🤏Reach into the tank with your fingers like tweezers



7 hours ago, mcarroll said:

🤌Pull algae out


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