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extremely foggy


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ok, last night I set up my 20 gallon tank.. I put in about 30 pounds of caribsea aragonite and premixed saltwater. the pH of the water was really low so I had to add a lot of seachem's reef buffer. the water was kinda foggy already from first putting the water in, but it wasn't too bad, just sand in the water. I put the required dose of the reef buffer into some distilled water, mixed it up, and added it to the tank. my tank got super foggy real quick. that was last night, this morning the tank had cleared up some, but the glass was coated in some white stuff. then today when I came home from school the tank was clear but the glass was foggy and there was a thick layer of white film over the sand. so I stirred it a little and it got just as foggy as it was last night.


so should this foggyness go away on its own?


thanks for any help

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the ph will fluctuate alot during the cycle. its not relevant if you dont have any livestock.


leave the sand alone for 48 hrs.

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Originally posted by melcolm

You don't need to worry about the PH until you are near the end of the cycle...  The PH will fluctuate naturally during this time.


well.. I already added the stuff so I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to get the foggyness away or if it would go away by itself

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