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Official FIJICUBE (AIO) Aquarium Club!! 2021 ;)


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Well, well. Here we go again. I started the Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium AIO Clubs. I figured why not one for FIJICUBE AIO owners or prospective owners. Since it hasn't been one yet,  I say we get this show started!  Checkout    https://www.fijicube.com there are a couple options as far AIO tanks go.


I'll do what I did on the last thread and make a compiled list of links to member's tanks on this page, as a reference to anyone interested in these systems. Let's get this party started. And as always,  feel free to discuss your ideas, builds, etc. 

Lets get rolling !. Please also check out the Lifegard Aquatics AIO club as well! We've begun to gain some serious track there! I look forward to seeing this thread going. Happy reefing!


- Reefahbarra84



PS, this is what I've got lined up 😉


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I have a 20 peninsula that I ordered directly from their website and I am thrilled with it. Tank is as far as I can see flawless. Dimensions are great, I refer to it as a hybrid lagoon/peninsula as its wider then most other penisulas. Seems to be plenty of room in the back chambers although I don’t have much back there yet.



Stock pump was noisy and I replaced it with a siccee 1.5. Since it’s on my (somewhat messy) desk the noise was to much. If you had it somewhere else it might be okay.


I would certainly recommend them and when I eventually get a bigger tank I will look hard at them. I’d be happy to answer any questions.



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