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they're a butterfly fish that is definitely not for a nano, and definitely not for a beginner. they can be finicky eaters, and are very delicate.

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they're awesome, probably the most beautiful fish you could have in a fish tank. they're up there with moorish idols for me :) if i can get around to taking a decent pic of mine i'll post it.

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definatly not in a nano but i beautiful fish none the less. I just got one about a month ago and he is definatly my favorite fish.

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Originally posted by clown fish rule

**i would put one in a 10 gallon**


Not a very good idea. :(


They need a big tank, even when small. They are also not a very easy fish to keep.



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They generally leave stuff alone, but WILL eat feather dusters, cluster dusters, any other "feathery" worm.


Clown fish rule, what's your problem? You know the fish won't live long in a 10 gallon. You'll be lucky to have it for a week. Why bother?

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I love those butterflies fishies!

The Copperband is my favorite of the long-nosed butterfly's, which there are several. Need proper diet though....some butterfy's NEED coral polyps and/or invertabrates to thrive.

Here's some stuff I found:


"The copperband butterfly Chelmon rostratus can do well in captivity. Copperband Butterflies from Australia are collected and handled with greater care than those from the Philippines and Indonesia, which dominate the trade. While this species can be hardy when their requirements are met, they are somewhat fragile, not tolerating careless handling and requiring excellent water quality. Not necessarily demanding as butterflies go.


The similar but rarer Chelmon marginalis lacks the center stripe and has other minor differences. The Copperband (as well as the two other species of Chelmon can be used to rid reef aquariums of Aiptasia anemones."


Check out the bad as* blue stripes on this specimen!!

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Yeah, and the marginalis is more hardy, and more readily adapts to captivity, but they also cost five times as much. Nice fish, though. If I had a larger tank, I'd certainly have one or the other. They've always been among my fav's. (I'm not even really into fish anymore, but I still love the classic CB.)

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