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Bio cube 16 mixed reef journey

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this thread will follow set up and progression of my mixed reef tank... or at least my attempt at it.


this tank sits on our kitchen counter which is why I chose an all in one. Even then there is a tangle of wires and hoses. But it’s discrete enough and my 2 little girls love it so far.

2 months in after initial set up.

-upgraded to maxi jet 900 to increase flow

-removed coralife UV sterilizer as it might have been inhibiting flow

- reduced feeding to every other day

- added chaeto to chamber 1 with basic white led desk light lying around house.

- running 1 fresh bag of carbon and 2 bags of ceramic rings in stock sump rack chamber 2

-Kamoer ATO one

-12 lbs Marco reef saver dry rock

-1 or 2 inches live sand



-false percola clown fish

- blue neon cleaner goby

- high fin red banded goby

- tiger pistol shrimp



red chalice frag

favia frag

florida ricordia.


currently battling ugly algae tank phase. 😱











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Posted (edited)

New year updates...


mortality!!! (Edit mortalities)

I lost both my gobies in 24 hours - 1 I saw it coming the day before, the other was (mostly?) fine at 10 am and was dead 7 hours later.

water parameters all seem fine

0 ammonia

0 nitrates 

0 nitrites

0 phosphate 

ph 8.4

salinity 1.025

temp 78.9

both had been in the tank 5-7 weeks.

I think the tiger pistol shrimp that was paired with the high fin goby is still alive... but possibly feeding on the carcass since it’s missing.


Ammonia is registering now because there is at least 1 carcass in there, but it’s 0.1 so I will monitor and do my weekly water change a few days early if need be. Mixed the salt tonight in preparation.


I added some snails a week before... maybe they were carrying a parasite? Dunno about transfer ability from inverts.


They seemed to get super sick super fast so I’m a bit perplexed to the cause. We no longer have access to fish meds here in Canada because of our stupid government— but it was less than 72 hours since I noticed something might be wrong so medication might not have helped anyway.


hardware addition Jebao SLW 10 wave pump

Which so far I really like.



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Sorry about the loses. Disease can come in on inverts. Peroxide and TTM don’t need medications and that is all I mostly use now even though I am in the US as it’s gentler than copper.


Looks like you could use some nutrients.

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