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On the discussion of test kits....


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What are the best test kits to purchase? Currently I have my LFS testing my water for me... I obviously want to invest in my own test kits because knowing my LFS on the level im starting to isnt good! :)


I read in a previous thread someone suggested Red Sea..and another person suggested against it..


What do all of you consider a reliable.. (not to to expensive) set of test kits? and what is the best online site to order from?


I appologize for all my recent threads :)

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For a basic test kit I'm using Seachem's Multitest: Marine Basic. Used to use Tetra's Laborett kit.

For alk/kh and calcium tests I use Salifert.

I'd highly suggest you invest in a refractometer instead of a hydrometer.

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depends on your real needs. i only tested nitrite/nitrate (seachem) during the first couple months, but you may need it if you have a problem with your tank. i test sg with a refractometer. i test pH with a digital meter. for sps or hard coral, may want to know calcium and alkalinity. i use salifert for those. easy to read titration assay. i also have the magnesium salifert test. the salifert nitrate test has a more sensitive range, but really don't use it because it is one of those color charts that range from red to light pink (hard to read), which is nearly the same as the seachem test. hth.

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I actually have a hydrometer... I had bought one of those when I was setting up my tank. I have been looking at refractometers .. I will probably invest in one of those down the road... ( I plan on setting up another nano reef if this one is sucessful)


I found the seachem test kit on dr fosters.... if my LFS doesnt have that one I will probably go ahead and order it.. I use other seachem products for my cichlids and ive always had good luck.


I prob wont be doing hard corals ... I didnt opt to retro fit my hood so I need to stick with lower light corals which ive heard most hard corals need higher light then I have currently.

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then getting a refractometer will be your best option because water changes will keep everything good. probably no need to invest in other kits. diyreef.com is where i got my refractometer.

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I've had my tank now for 5 weeks and I don't test anything anymore except for the SG after a water change. I don't use any additives in my tank either. I figure if I do a water change every week religiously I won't have to replenish vital elements by the use of suppliments. Saves me money and it's working great.

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