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Help me better Aquascape my shallow reef tank


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I have a reef tank of 85x35x20 (cm) and now I want to do a rearranging of the rocks and better aquascape it. I have more rocks to add if need be both in small size and bigger. I inherited this tank and have been doing my best to keep it as good as possible and my plans are as follows for it:


  • The right side next to the filter compartment I want to add more sand (turn it like a small under water hill) and plant the 5 mangroves I am cultivating.  as you see there is a stone background right next to filter compartment. That is the area I want to add the mangroves.
  • There are about 13 corals and I am going to get at least 3 more (chalice, another montipora and another euphilia) to place in the tank.
  • I have 4 small cuttings of the following macroalgae that I am thinking about placing them in the right side close to where the mangroves are.
    • Cryptonemia Crenulata
    • Caulerpa taxifolia
    • Codium sp.
    • Gracilaria Curtissae


What would be your recommendation for aquascaping? Should I add more rocks? Remove some rocks? Put them all next to each other? Any recommendation or share of wisdom and experience is very very welcome.


PS: I put a small video of how the tank looks like here: https://i.imgur.com/0YTNytu.mp4 as well.





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I have toyed with idea getting a shallow tank but never actually went through to get one. I have however spent lots of time thinking how I would aquascape one. My favorite ideas I came up with were


2 island: bommie style with lots of negative space and one island is smaller than the other. Lots of sand bed space open allows for a more natural feel.


Valley: basically two elongated rocks positioned to make a valley. You have more space for coral but it doesn’t look as “clean” IMO.


Here is also a good source for inspiration: https://youtu.be/1fDJxO7s96M 

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