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Fuge/ macro algae setup


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My nitrates run high (30-60) and I have been researching fuges and w/d filters. I am almost convinced that I should take my bioballs out of the w/d. I am adding LR (10# in 20H). I am considering a fuge if the nitrates don't come down with the addition of LR and removal (gradual) if bio balls.


My question is - can I put macro algae directly in my tank? I want to avoid having a HOB fuge. I have so many pumps, etc. that I want to keep things simple. If I were to put it in my sump where would it go? The sump is below my tank and not lit.



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you should prob take out the bioballs,

as for macros, i've seen ppl put them directly into the tank, just make sure you dont get the type that goes asexual, also if you have any fish (tangs) that eat algae, you might have a problem with your supply. If you put it in your sump, you will need a light for the algae to grow

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