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Hey guys! I am finally starting my build thread on my 7 month old reef tank lol.


So, I got a 75 gallon tank with stand and sump in total of 105 gallons...



  • Tank: 75g standard
  • Sump: Eshopps R-300 sump (30 gallon)
  • Sand: 30 pounds of caribsea dry aragonite sand
  • Rock: 25-30 pounds of live rock and 50-60 pound of marco reef saver rocks
  • Skimmer: Tunze 9410 DOC
  • Return Pump: Jebao DCT-8000
  • ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155
  • ATO Reservoir: IM 5 Gallon Hydrofill
  • Lighting: 3 of ViparSpectras 165W running at 95% blues, 10% whites for 10 hours a day.
  • Refugium Light: Tunze EcoChic 8831 running for 10 hours at nighttime.
  • Filtration: 1 of 7” filter sock and 1 of 4” filter sock
  • Biological Filtration: Live rocks and ceramic bioballs
  • Heater: Eheim Jager 300W
  • Temp Controller: Inkbird iTC-308 WIFI
  • Flow: 2 MP40wQDs (total gph: at least 6,600 gph)
  • Lid: 2 of DIY mesh lids
  • Salt: Regular IO


Livestock: (need some recommendations!)

  • 1 Ocellaris Clownfish
  • 1 Frostbite Clownfish
  • 3 Lyretail Anthias
  • 1 Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse
  • 1 Captive Bred Banggai Cardinal
  • 1 small Yellow Tang
  • 1 Firefish
  • 1 Fire Shrimp
  • Over 110 snails: Nassarius, ceriths, trochus, nerites, Mexican turbo, bubblebee snails
  • 1 Emerald crab
  • Sherman Rose Bubble Tip Anemone
  • Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone
  • 7 Rock Flower Anemones



  • Holy Grail Micromussa
  • OG UFO Micromussa
  • Red Goniopora
  • Sunkist Mushroom
  • Green Pacific Ricordea Mushrooms
  • Yellow/Green Ricordea Mushroom
  • Green Star Polyps
  • Space Invader Pectinia
  • WWC Purple Monsters zoas
  • OG Mummy Chalice
  • Green Hammer
  • Gold Hammer
  • Green and Purple Hammer
  • Alveopora
  • TSA Bam Bam zoas
  • Green Hairy Mushroom
  • Nightmares zoas
  • Green/red Blastomussa
  • Red Velvet Blastomussa
  • WWC Sweet Tooth zoas
  • WWC Space Queens zoas
  • Rasta zoas
  • Hooligans zoas
  • SBB Hephaestus zoas
  • CB White Zombies zoas
  • CB Rainbow Infusion zoas
  • ASD Hyper Jubilee zoas
  • Queen Strats zoas
  • Pink Diamonds zoas
  • Cornbred El Corazon zoas
  • WWC Tasers zoas
  • WWC Laffy Taffy zoas
  • Rainbow Yoda zoas
  • Beauty and the Beast zoas
  • RR Kraken zoas
  • WWC Illuminati zoas
  • Utter Peace zoas
  • Hydra Lady Dragon Eyes zoas
  • Sunny D zoas
  • Magician zoas
  • WWC Orange/Blue Acan
  • WWC Red Acan



  • Peng's Heart of the Ocean Acropora
  • RRU Angry Birds
  • JF Homewrecker
  • Walt Disney
  • CC Walt Disney Jr
  • TGC Cherry Bomb
  • TSA Twisted Sister
  • TSA The Fuzz
  • TSA Dan Akroyd
  • TSA Fruity Pebbles
  • TSA Purple Rain
  • WWC Budgie Smuggler
  • WWC Pink Panther
  • CC Voodoo Majick
  • BC Adam Bomb
  • BC Reef Ready Grape Juice
  • CB Golden JD
  • CB Flaming Unicorn
  • RR Kandari
  • RC Poison Envy
  • Sanjay's Party Time Table
  • ARC Goldfinger
  • ARC Magic Dragon
  • TSA Cali Tort
  • Tierra Del Fuego
  • TRC Rocket Science
  • TRC Haley’s Comet
  • Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight
  • Garf Bonsai
  • Highlighter Humilis
  • Beach Bum Monti
  • Blue and Teal Millie
  • Montipora Digitata

Feel free to ask questions or comments about anything and I would also like some recommendations for livestock.








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Nice! That mountain of sticks you have are gonna look sick once grown in. 



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there's some big hitters on that acro list of yours.


Will be following along and excited to see them grown out.  

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20 hours ago, Matteo said:

Nice! That mountain of sticks you have are gonna look sick once grown in. 



I agree, I’m so excited to see them grow out!

1 hour ago, mitten_reef said:

there's some big hitters on that acro list of yours.


Will be following along and excited to see them grown out.  

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I will post some pics of my frags soon.

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Alright! Here are some pics of my frags. (The pics are taken straight from my iPhone with an orange filter.)


RRU Angry Birds


JF Homewrecker


Peng’s Heart of the Ocean (the one at bottom)


Walt Disney


TSA Dan Akroyd



TSA Twisted Sister


TSA The Fuzz


TGC Cherry Bomb



TRC Haley’s Comet



Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight


NY Knicks Torch


Holy Grail Micromussa


Of course, that’s not everything of what I have. However, I think that’s enough for today 😉

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Hope y'all enjoyed Christmas!😀 So, I added 3 female Lyretail Anthias and I also got a bunch of goodies coming soon for my tank!

Here are what I got:

  • Holy Grail Micromussa
  • WWC Budgie Smuggler
  • Vivids Confetti
  • TSA Bill Murray
  • ARC Red Blasto
  • WWC Tasers zoa
  • Sanjay’s Party Time Table
  • ARC Magic Dragon
  • Ruby Red Goni
  • OG UFO Micromussa
  • ARC Goldfinger

You can see the new fish at the right side!


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Some frags I picked up... ;Drool


WWC OG Bounce


WWC Budgie Smuggler


TSA Rainbow Fusion


Vivid’s Insanity


ARC Goldfinger


OG UFO Micromussa




By the way, I also wanted to show you guys how fast my TSA Twisted Sister is growing!


4 months ago






That’s not all! Got more coming soon!


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Really cool 👍

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10 minutes ago, Nathans_Reef said:

Really cool 👍

Thanks man! I will have more corals coming soon!  😁

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4 minutes ago, Gernader said:

Thanks man! I will have more corals coming soon!  😁

Exciting! 😀👍

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Happy Valentines Day! 

RR Bleeding Avengers

LRO Komodo Island


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