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Nathan's 25l Softie Reef

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Nathan's 25l Softie Reef


Hello Everybody, My name is Nathan, I am 15 years old and I have been in the hobby for a couple of years now.

my first tank was a very simple, cheap fish only tank, I unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the aquarium

but I had a pair of Ocellaris clownfish, a cleaner shrimp and three Nassarius snails. The aquarium itself was around 60l (16 US gallons)

and it lasted for a couple months. But enough about me, lets talk about my 25l Softie reef.



(Sorry for the Bad quality picture.)


The Tank and Equipment:

The Aquarium: AllPondSolutions 25l Optiwhite Cube Tank £28



Filtration: 480l/h HOB filter £10

ATO System: H2Ocean Compact Auto Top Off £70

Lighting: Fluval Sea Nano Marine Bluetooth £90

Heater: Fluval Edge 25w heater £20

Thermometer: Reptizoo Digital thermometer £5

Wavemaker: Jebao sw2 £30

Rock: Caribsea Life rock £25

Sand: Hugo Kamishi Coral Sand


Stocking Plan


Pulsing Xenia

Green Star Polyp


Weeping Willow Leather coral

Green Finger leather

Different Gorgonians



Ornamental Shrimp Species (not made up my mind as to which one to get)

2x Nassarius Snails

1x Cerith Snail


I Hope that you guys like my tank and the aquascape

if you have any advice or questions feel free to tell me.

look forward for an update on the tank soon.





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Welcome back to NR. Looks like a nice set up. I like the aquascape. 

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11 minutes ago, debbeach13 said:

Welcome back to NR. Looks like a nice set up. I like the aquascape. 

Thankyou. 👍

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Here is a photograph of what I think is a Hydroid Jellyfish, its about 1-2mm big and there

are now lots of them all over the glass of the tank.



Also here is another shot of the tank 😁.



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Quick Update on the tank.


A couple of days ago I placed an order for some cleanup crew from CellarMarineStore.co.uk (they seem to be very good by the way) and yesterday everything arrived!

I got 1 Feather Duster worm, 1 Electric blue legged hermit, 2 Nassarius snails and 1 Cerith snail. they seem to be doing well so far, here are some pics. 😀

I should also mention that I removed the wave maker as I thought that it was just too much flow for a tank of that size.









I know that these shots are only of the feather duster but I haven't been able to get a photo of the others yet. 



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Some more tank shots 😃 and I finally managed to photograph the hermit crab!

I ordered my first Coral frag a couple of days ago too, it should arrive this Wednesday! 







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