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Legendary Corals

Legendary Corals Cyber Monday Blowout! 300+ HOT WYSIWYG Corals. Andre Jawbreakers, Rare Rics, High End Zoanthids, and More!

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Legendary Corals

Hey there reefers!


Our Annual Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend sale is here, and boy do we have some special pieces lined up! We've uploaded 300+ WYSIWYG corals for this insane event, and are passing some phenomenal savings over to you.


Thank you all again for the overwhelming support, and we look forward to sending you a box full of new and gorgeous goodies!


View everything here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/all-hours


Check out some of the hot-ness below! It's the holidays, treat yourself and grab a few corals to enjoy over this Christmas season. image.gif.7ef128bd453e5c4d648c898367930795.gif


Rare Stratocasters! So glad to have these back in the farm. 



UCC Rainbow Dreams Goniopora, big and fluffy frags! Very hardy for anyone looking to try out their first Goniopora.



Our version of Wolverines, LC Hypnotics. A much cleaner and darker blue and much hardier. Still a slow grower, offered only a few times a year.



Extremely rare deep water pink Ricordea!



BSA Fireworks Stylocoeniella, such bright and amazing colors on this encrusting coral! Makes a statement piece in nanos and larger tanks once grown in.



LC Antimatters, gorgeous rainbow lashes! 



Very wicked cool Bounce mushroom we've been baking for a few months!



One of a kind Ricordea, phew what a hottie!



Hemmdogg's Jeepers Creepers! Such a unique looking zoanthid that are as hardy as Rastas.



A few Andre's Ultimate Jawbreakers, HUGE in size with insane patterns. 100% aquacultured over many years by Andre himself.







Insane Rainbow Rhodactus! Tons of colors packed into this hottie.



SBB Hephaestus Zoanthids, the holy grail of the Candy Apple family. Look at all those babies!



Our insane grafted LC Circuit Breaker Cyphastrea! For all of those looking for something more rare.



PZ Promethean Zoanthids are so hard to find nowadays. With their black polyps and bright contrasting green and orange colors, they're a show stopping little zoanthid.



OG F2N Holy Grail Micromussas!



The infamous WWC Regal Platygyra, fully colored! It's tough to find such a gorgeously colored piece as they tend to lose large amounts of colors as frags.



LC Hateraid, a crazy bright orange eyed chalice.



The classic and infamous JF Crazy Fox!



One of our signature zoanthids, LC Andromedas. Just look at those black and hot pink-fuchsia colors!



Our LC Rainbow Boom, a beautiful pastel rainbow colored goniopora that's also so easy to keep!



CC Banshees are show stoppingly bright! If you want something with POP with low demand, these are the zoas for you.



Our signature LC Heart of Hades Blastomussa, with it's gorgeous fire orange rim.



LC Vampire Slayers originated from us! Much brighter and more colorful version of the original Vampires.



A unique little JF Paradise City Porites.



LC Blue Raven Blastomussa Merlettis, big chunky grown in pieces!



SBB Aphrodites are one of the hottest zoanthids of the year.



A beautiful piece of RC Rain of War, with a sweet chunk of the green graft!



A new Blastomussa that we've been aquaculturing for years!



Sweet golden with rainbow lashed CK Bitcoins!





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