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EastsideReefing's Waterbox 20

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Hello everyone! So I created this forum so people could follow me through my first reef tank journey. I decided that we needed more people to post about this tank and what is possible when it comes to a nano reef tank.

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Equipment list:

20 lbs caribsea special grade sand

20 lbs caribsea life rock

Biospira cycle bacteria

Two AI Prime 16 HD

Two AI Prime 16 HD flex mounts 12 inch

Ecotech Marine MP10 powerhead

Ecotech Marine battery backup

Eshopps nano protein skimmer 

Jbj nano auto top off

Sicce 1.0 return pump

Waterbox 20 clearview lids classic

Waterbox first chamber media basket by intank

DIY media reactor turned into algae reactor

3D Reefing AI prime 16 HD light diffusers

Puratek Deluxe 100 GPD RO/DI Filter System- AquaMaxx

Inkbird ITC-308S Aquarium Heating and Cooling Dual Stage Temperature Controller Freshwater Saltwater

Hanna salinity checker

Hanna Alkalinity checker


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