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Modified Lighting for JBJ Nano 12g?


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I just bought a jbj 12g about 2 weeks ago, didnt realize there was a new one with better lighting. Anyway, see some folks have modified lighting with a CSL 32 watt retro. Was the retro put into the same enclosure as the original light or somewhere else in the hood. I have never really done any mods so any help would be appreciated, thnx.

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Yes(in the original hood) do a search on Kappa thats where the info is on the csl 32 watts


What i did with mine is i bought a Coralife Aqualight 96 watt quad bulb and the mounting legs that can adjust


Mine came broken so i have to send it back


I have to go i will write more

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Its really easy to install the csl into the hood. I just bought the retrofit. IT took about 20 minutes to take out all the electronics and mount it to a 1ft. square board outside the tank. I pushed down the reflector and flattened it out with a slight curl to the edges of it. I moved the 24 watt bulb toward the rear and installed the 32 watt bulb where the 24 watt bulb used to be. The only modification i had to do to the hood itself was drill two tiny holes in the reflector towards the rear; as to mount the light clips. There are already screw holes molded into the hood itself which was real convenient when screwing the clips in.

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