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Upgrading from Biocube

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I started a 16 gal biocube nano reef (live sand and rock) a couple years ago as my first foray into the marine world. It contains a couple clownfish, a fire shrimp, couple green duncans. three zoanthid clusters and three or four snails (not sure now). It has done extremely well and I am ready to upgrade to a 20 to 30 gal rectangular tank. Size is not that important, just want some more flexibility (lighting, filtration) that the biocube did not have. I have various other size tanks (30-75) with differing populations (discus, angel, cichlids) and systems so I have a decent knowledge of what is available. I am really interested in the system. With this size tank, I will probably use an AC filter (70 gal) unless you guys direct me somewhere else. Number & size of powerheads? Pumps? Lighting? Ready, go. Thanks!

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Once you're up into the 20+ gallon range you can start considering a more standard reef build for "filtration".....which is to say liverock and a protein skimmer.  Skip most everything else filter-wise.  


I'd recommend a pair of Tunze 6045's for flow.  


Lighting depends on a more specific tank choice.  Take a look at the kits Current USA have for starters.

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