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newbie mh question


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Newbie question but i was wondering if there are any mh hoods or any mh fixture i don't have to hang due to the fact that i live in an apartment and am unable to put holes in the walls and ceiling. As i need 150 watts of light but my tanks dimensions are 24x13x12. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Blind Tree Frog

You can't put holes in the wall? Most every apartment or state law I've seen (granted, not many) actually expects there to be holes in the walls from things like hanging pictures and shelves. The thing is you can't generally leave large holes in your walls. Large nail or screw holes can just be filled in with putty when you move out.

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To answer the actual question here, yes there are metal halide hoods. Both current and coralife as well as numerous other companies make them. Alternatively you could buy/build a canopy for your tank and put in a metal halide retrofit kit.

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