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Unknown algae/scum

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Can someone help me identify what this on top of the surface of the water in my tank? All was well until about three weeks ago. I noticed salinity was low and I brought it up. Nitrates, alkalinity and phosphate were all fine but the coral are stressed. Even softies aren’t opening. I don’t know what to do. I thought about doing two 50 percent water changes but I don’t know what to try. So far I’ve tried UV and chemiclean as well as dosing brightwell neonitro. It’s almost like dino but doesn’t seem the same consistency. 

1.026 SG
78 degrees Fahrenheit
2 ppm nitrate
7.8 alk




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Can you get a picture with more white. It's too difficult  to see with the blue.


What are your phos levels at?


How old is the tank?


What media is used?

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