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Moving to New state tomorrow, a questions

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Hello all, so tomorrow we'll be making the move to Tennessee from north Florida and i have a question and looking for suggestions. The drive will be around 8 hours and we will have to move the tank again in about 3 or 4 weeks.



- should i keep or toss the sand in the tank? I'd prefer not to lose the biodiversity in the sand but i will have to move the tank again once we close on the house we're buying in about 3 weeks. I still have the rest of the sand in the bag though it will no longer be live.



I have an adapter for my car so I can plug the aquarium heater into the bucket I will be transporting everything in, and a battery powered bubbler. To say i am nervous is an understatement. I'm also moving a 5 gallon shrimp tank, 3 birds, 4 snakes, my newts, and our mealworms colony.






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17 minutes ago, Bailyfox said:

should i keep or toss the sand in the tank?

You wouldn't necessarily have to get rid of it, but I'd just rinse it out very well (so you'd lose the diversity in it).

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oh my goodness!  that's a lot.  I had to move states.  I borrowed my parents mini van. In the back I had my 2 mini horses, behind the seats I had 1 cage with 2 girl rabbits, 1 cage with my boy rabbit and on top of them was another cage with my cat.  it was crazy, but it all worked out.  


It's so good you have the heater and air pump.


good luck, let us know how it goes.

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