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Photos of RAIN waterfall scrubbers

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Example of good amount of water flow coming off the Green Grabber® screen on a RAIN2 scrubber® waterfall. Flow this strong is not essential, but you do want the water flowing off of the whole screen from end to end.






rain2 flow example.jpg

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New photo of the RAIN4 (tm). Inside the black dome lid are 6 of our GEM5® waterproof submersible lights.






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Another new photo of the RAIN4 in position on the adjustable pole mount. Water is fed into the gray 3/4 inch hose barb at the bottom, or, the barb can be removed and a 3/4 inch hard pipe used instead. Also included is a 3/4 to 1 inch adapter for 1 inch hard pipe.



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Here is a look inside the RAIN4 dome lid, with all 6 of the GEM5® lights plugged in. The photo had to be dimmed (edited) because the lights are blinding bright 660nm deep reds, and put out 5 watts each (30 watts total), which is almost all illumination because the power supply boxes are safely a far distance away (see www.LEDsafety.org) and do not add any extra heat at all to the scrubber.


Other people's lights, such as the common bolt-on ones from China, have the power supply inside the light, and this makes the lights 60 or 80 watts of heat each, but this is just power supply heat and not illumination, and so the scrubber gets very hot (120 to 300 watts of heat) which makes your sump area a warm swamp.

When a RAIN2 or RAIN4 is new, you only plug in 1 light because they are so bright...




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Dark growth like this means it could be cleaned sooner, and, the lights can be kept on for more hours each day. 

Nice flow of water across the bottom of the screen:




The RAIN2 is available here:

Algae scrubbers, otherwise known as "chaeto killers" because of the high filtering capacity compared to chaeto reactors, have the fastest and strongest rate of removal of nutrients from aquarium water of any type of natural algal filtration. All natural reefs, lakes and rivers are naturally filtered by algae. 

The RAIN2 is the smaller RAIN, available with 1, 2 or 4 of our GEM5 (tm) lights.

The RAIN (tm) waterfall algae scrubber is the first new design from anyone anywhere since we introduced the first waterfall design in the year 2008. Back then it was simply designed to fit under the tank that we had at the time. It took a lot of time to remove and clean, and had other issues, but it was not for sale so it did not matter. 

Since then all waterfall designs for sale by anyone have copied that design. That original design was ok at the time (you can find it posted on forums by searching "waterfall turf algae filter cheap and easy to build santamonica forum"

Well, now it is 2020 and almost all the shortcomings of that original waterfall design have been overcome with our new patented (10,655,095) RAIN designs. From the Green Grabber® 3D printed screen, to the underwater submersible and safe low-voltage (but high wattage) UL listed GEM5® lights, to the pole mount super low space requirement mounting system, we really hope you like the RAIN2.

Some RAIN videos:

RAIN one-handed screen removal and replacement (47 seconds)

RAIN2 with one GEM5 light, first scraping:

RAIN tray:

RAIN2 water pipe and screen:

RAIN2 dome lid cover and lights:

RAIN2 mounting:

RAIN2 unboxing:

RAIN2 first view:

Other videos of interest:

SURF8 harvest with one strong light, and one regular light:

SURF8 light-comparison harvesting test:

SURF8 Unboxing and Installation:

SURF8 overview:

SURF8 sound, and stability:

SURF4 first 17 days of growth:

SURF4 overview:

SURF2 many harvests:

DROP1.4 installed on a saltwater pond:

HOG1.3 from New to Green, in 3 Cleanings:

HOG1.3 unboxing and installation:




More info, instructions, and purchases are available at:

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Customer's RAIN2 (tm) scrubber with the LED dome lid taken off, and installed at the sump waterline of a saltwater tank. This installation is dead silent since the water has zero drop out of the drain, and it leaves lots of room above it. Can't tell how it's mounted, but looks like it might be on the optional pole mount, and some rocks are set on the white pole mount bottom plate.


Nice flow of water across the bottom of the screen; maybe too much flow, since you can see some spraying out of the red cap (and this is right after a cleaning, where the slot should have the easiest flow). Water cannot hurt the GEM5® lights, however.



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RAIN2 next to a SURF4




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