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Regal Angel shrimp safe?

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Hey all, so i had ordered a regal angelfish and it is supposed to come in Friday, knowing that my now 300g tank is also on its way, what would be the best way to integrate him into a 125 with shrimps without hopefully loosing them, the hermits i could care less about, just more concerned with the shrimps.


Also on that note, would feeding the regal xenia/Kenya ( thats out of control in my 36g ) be good for a supplemental food? 

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There really isn't much you can do to prevent a fish from going after inverts. 


As for feeding soft coral to a fish, not something we actively do. Fish that nip at corals, will do so on their own, of their own choice.


Angels are known to nip mostly at stony corals.


I personally wouldn't feed by choice, corals to a fish. This might entice them to go after other corals.


This particular angel is a harder to keep angel, expert level fish and should be the first fish added to a tank.



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