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TSM Aquatics, great place


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I placed an order with TSM Aquatics late last month. An antenna goby, and a frozen apple zoa frag. Everything came in on the 30th. In what looked like a ridiculously large box at first, nearly 2 feet tall. When I opened it and saw the shipping bag, it made more sense. They sure wanted to make certain he had enough oxygen. 


That smaller bag to the front left is some unrelated seaweed (blue hypnea), the bag in the back is the bag with the zoa. 



Here's the goby! He hid until today, and apparently wants to be here now. His stomach was a tiny bit pinched when I first got him, but I could see that just having happened overnight. He's nice and filled out now from eating pods. Isn't he cute? That little face. 


The zoa is in a bad angle to photograph in my tank. Color is pretty good, but not quite as good as in the online pic. Probably some of that is my lighting, but, looking at their pics, I think some of the coral pics are slightly intensified. The algae on the plugs looks pretty vivid, is all. Nothing too wild.


Overall, I'm very happy with my order. I did have to email them and ask how to proceed for my order, though- their site says you have to confirm a shipping date via email, and the order confirmation email I got said they would be sending shipping details. But they answered quickly when I emailed to ask about that, and said they would change the confirmation email's wording. 

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