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L.A. area (Riverside)


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hey i just moved down here from up north and left my already established reef tank with my brother back at home, because we put about the same effort into and it would be too hard to move seeing i drove down here, but i was wondering if anyone knew a decent LFS that know what they're talking about so i can get my new reef started again. Any feedback would be great and much appreciated.



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Check out the Southern California Reefers forum on ReefCentral.com

There are a couple of great frag swaps coming up where you can stock up for very cheap plus get to know all the local reefers.

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I went to the site but the reef swap took place August 21st and its now October hehe a couple days late but thanks for the info hopefully i can make it to the next one but if anyone has any other information it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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