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new inhabitant


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heres some pics of my tank - its doing really well!




ammonia, nitrite = 0

nitrate = 5ish

sg = 1.024/1.025

pH = 8.2


added a blue damsel (i think its Pomacentrus australis)


the macro algae i added a few weeks ago is growing, i really like the look of it in the tank, adds some texture and colour.



full tank

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thanks! its still a work in progress, i keep an eye out for any interesting pieces of LR at various LFS... its amazing how much character each good piece of LR adds to the tank.. my favs are the knobbly piece at bottom rhs, and the top piece with various macro species... and of course the curved 'ledge' that my coral banded shrimp has declared his home, he looks awesome peeking out of it upside down all the time.


surprisingly the porite sp. coral is still alive after 3 months, under just 11watts of light.. it was a hitch hiker and i expected it to die, its quite large (well for a nano), you can see it just behind my perc in the full tank shots.


ive also got an unreal colony of hitch hiking alphied shrimps (pistol shrimps) ive seen at least 3 at once, but im sure there are more than that. they are tiny blue/green or blue/purple ones, and very shy but always make an appearance at feeding time.

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cudos on your aquascaping

i thought that was one piece of lr

thats what i like to see great job makin it look more natural instead of rocks clumped on top of each other

cudos indead

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yeah i had concerns about the clown and damsel, and had a good chat with LFS about returning it if problems arise... but so far its fine, in fact the clown seems to follow the damsel around, not really hassling it but just checking out what its up too.. you can see them at it in the first full tank shot and then the close up of them together.. they do that all day!


actually when i bought the damsel it was in a tank with other damsels and tiny blue tangs of similar size, and the damsel i picked out had staked out some LR and was patrolling it with a tang, they were just swimming round it side by side, not nipping just swimming together.. weird ??? is it an intimidation tactic or something? could the damsel be doing the same to my clown??? hmm i wish i knew more about fish behaviour....

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thanks for the positive feedback guys, i think that aquascaping isnt that hard if you remember a couple of things:


- buy pieces that have an interesting feature (eg shape or colour) and arrange them to take advantage of it

- use flat pieces on edge to give height and create caves

- none of mine is glued or tied, its all just fitted together so that its sturdy, i guess this could help to give it the 'natural' look?

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well i thought id update this thread - the damsel is going back to LFS tomorrow. its just starting to get bossy and i dont like it bossing my beautiful happy little clown. cbs has also taken a distinct dislike to the damsel because it has been trying to occupy his ledge...


any suggestions for a small fish that would get along with clown but not get eaten by cbs? id love to get a goby or blenny but would be worried that cbs would grab them. i might just stick to one fish for a while. ive been paranoid about my parameters since i put the second fish in... although all tank params have been as normal.. i might trade the damsel for a hermit or couple of shrooms...

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yeah the halimeda is going nuts! ive only had it a few weeks too.. gives me a bit more faith in my 11w pc.. (which i know is pitiful) but at least it is supporting something photosynthetic! a couple of strands have just taken off and grown a couple of inches straight up... ive got two types - the branching stringy one and a more bushy one... maybe they can be my substitiute corals ;)

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